WHO LIKES MONEY REVIEW – Who Likes Money? Do You Like Money?

by Who Likes Money Review

Who Likes Money Review

Who Likes Money Review

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Who Likes Money? This can be a good question. Everyone needs money, but do they really like it. Or has it become an enemy that there is never enough of. This is a question worth considering.

Who likes money? Doesn’t everyone? In order to live we must make money. We will always have bills to pay and mouths to feed. And everything cost money. Nothing is free.

Has it become the case that people really hate money? It is hard to get and there never seems to be enough. We have to work very hard to get it.

So people who have a lot of money are so afraid to lose it that they have become paranoid. They even hate their money. They become overtaken by greed.

Then there are those who are poor. They always seem to need more money. They like to get the money but hate the problems it causes.

So that still leaves the question, Who Likes Money? Truly everyone likes money. They like to get fed and the like to pay there bills. They even like the occasional luxuries that it provides.

On the other hand the problems that money causes seem to numerous to mention. From lack of money, to jobs that take people away from their families, to greed, money causes a lot of problems.

So it is really hard to say about how people feel about money. When you have money life seems okay. But there are those who struggle daily just to make ends meet. This can be a hard existence.

People who work two or more minimum wage jobs know that money can be hard to get, and hard to hold onto. But a necessary evil. They have to provide for their families and they have to go to work.

Getting money is hard to do. Even if you like money working for it is not always fun. Work is hard to do, but money is necessary. So who likes money?

It seems that in this world most things are centered around the kind of money you make. This really should not be the case. Since everything revolves around money you would think that everyone would like it.

Money is a difficult subject with many different opinions on the matter. We are still stuck with that question, who likes money? The answer is more complicated than one might think.

Who Likes Money ReviewWho Likes Money? Do You Like Money?

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